Wig Making Tools & Where To Buy Them


Those who know me very Well, know that I love wearing wigs. 
        See Some of my wigs

           A u-part wig
                    A U-part wig
   The most recent one.
   Flip over wig(no leave out)

I'm a proud  wiggie (is that even a word?) 
I know that so many people believe that wigs are for old women or they make you look old but that's not true. Wigs are made for every women. It's your duty to choose a wig style that suits your face. 

I had chemical processed hair which was about 9years old but I decided to go natural because I love the natural hair movement and I decided that I want to embrace my roots. 

Since my big chop, I've been putting my hair in protective styles (Ghana braids, weaving, Bob Marley braid, twists) and I thought I should start making wigs again with my extensions (hair extensions are so tempting). 

The best part about wearing wigs is that they are: 

Convenient/ Alternative 
•Once your wig has been sewn, You can wear it when you want and take it off at you discretion too. 
• I get bored of wearing one hair for a long time but since I wear wigs, I have so many options and can change my look at any time. Today I look like Rihanna in my pixie cut wig and tomorow I look like Beyoncé in my curly long air. 

Wigs Last's Long:
•Your wig can last upto a year or two, depending on how you care for it. 

Personally, when I get back home from work, I take off my wig, air dry it and have a bath with water running down my head (the feeling is priceless).

Healthy Hair:
• Wigs are a very good investment if you're trying to grow your hair. Once your hair is braided down, you can put on the wig and take it off without manipulating your hair. 
•Also when you wear wigs, you have access to the hair to Moisturize and seal it at night.
• It gives you access to wash your hair weekly. You don't want build up on your hair. 

Here are some wig making tools and where you can buy them.

1. WIG cap:

You need a wig cap to sew on you extensions. I personally don't like using this type but it's the ideal wig cap to use.
I like using one wig cap that is sold for N200 and I buy at Mile 3 market (Port Harcourt) or any hair supply shop but it doesn't last long unlike the one I recommended.

2 Hair Mannequin

The hair mannequin makes the wig making process smooth. You have to wear the the wig cap on the mannequin so that you can get the proper shape of the human head.

3 crochet needle

The crochet needle for making crochet wigs. Yes! Crochet wigs. 

4 Weaving Wig Cap

This is the ideal wig cap for making crochet wigs. You use the crochet pin to put hair through the fish holes on the crochet wig cap.

5 Wig clamp

The wig clamp is used to hold the mannequin in place while sewing on tracks on the wig cap. 

6 Needles/ Thread
You can buy needles and thread anywhere but I just wanted to mention it just in case it skips your mind. 

7 Glue
Most people would rather use glue to make wigs rather than sewing with thread and needle. 
It's faster but since I've not tried it before I don't know how long the wig will last. The bonding glue available in the market today doesn't at all.

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