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This post is long overdue but better late than never.
Good news to all Makeup and beauty enthusiast in Nigeria.

I've posted  about the MBCS and MUAGuild on my social media platforms severally but I thought it was the right time to put up a post. 

The Nigerian makeup industry has grown immensely over the years. 
It's one the fastest growing industries in Nigeria if not the fastest and it's also one of the most unregulated industries.

This is why the dream of the makeup artist guild must come to a reality. 

The birth of the Makeup Artist  Guild of Nigeria will bring a new dawn in the industry where we can have some form of regulation.

The guild  will also serve as a platform to bring beauty professionals together.

The mission of the guild is clear.

To establish, promote and raise high standards within the industry. 

At the conception of the idea for the guild, town hall meetings for makeup artist  were held in several cities and this brought about the MBCS( Makeup and Beauty connect series) a subsection of the guild with chapters in different states where professionals in the makeup industry meet to connect, network and help one another grow. 
The dates of our quarterly meetings are seen above in the flier above and I urge all makeup artist to be part of this.

To get information follow the guild on social media 
Instagram: @muaguild
Facebook: MUA Guild of Nigeria

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Instagram: @thisispere_
Facebook: Perez vogue diaries
Twitter: Thisispere 

Thanks for Reading. 

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