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Smokey eyes  never go out of trend. Want to go out with the girls or a dinner date night, smokey eye will get you through it. It's easy to achieve and you don't need tons of products.

I'll be showing you how to smoke your eyes in this post. 

Before we start, you should know the different parts of the eye. I don't want anyone to get lost while i'm explaining.

There are different a parts of the eye.
* The Eyelid
* The Crease
*  The Brow bone

Now that you know the difference between your lid, crease and brow bone, you'll understand the rest of this pictorial and subsequent ones.

What You'll  Need
• Eyeshadow primer 
• Black base (Black gel liner)
• Eyeshadows in black, orange or pink,       matte brown
• Eyeliner
• False lashes (optional)

Let's Begin
I already filled in my brows because I don't want this post to be lengthy.  

Start by priming your lid. I used the NYX eyeshadow primer. Priming will make your eyeshadow last longer and the shadows won't crease. 

Apply a base. Since we are going for a smokey eye, instead of using a white base we will use a black base. I used my Zaron gel liner as my base to make the colour intense. 

Apply a transition color on the crease. Use an orange or pink shadow. Blend it! Go over the orange or pink shadow with a matte brown shadow( matte means no shimmer). This will give the gradient color we all love.

Using an eyeshadow brush to apply a matte black eyeshadow over the black base applied in the beginning and blend it using a matte brown eyeshadow. 

Use a shade not too far from your skin tone to highlight your brow bone area.

Line your lash line and water line, apply your false lashes and there you have your smokey eye.  See my False lashes guide HERE

•Complete the rest of the face (foundation, concealing if necessary and setting it)

•Apply your preferred lipstick shade. Your lips should be light, you don't want too much colors on your face. 

The Finished look

That's it for this look. If you found this helpful please don't forget to share. Take me global! 

You can also suggest any look you would want me to create and I'd gladly show you guys how to achieve it. Leave me a comment below.

Thanks for stopping by. 

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