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I've posted several makeup tips to help you improve your makeup application.
So in this post I'll go back to one basic thing that I skipped and that is Your makeup kit as a beginner. If you're a beginner you don't need every makeup product. There are just some basic things you need in your makeup bag. 

Below is a list of the products you need as a beginner:
1. Primer

Nyx face primer 

We all know the importance of priming. I've talked about priming in my previous posts. Read Here
There are different kinds of primers, eyeshadow primer and foundation primer are essentials.
 For the foundation primers, only buy according to your skin type.
 If your skin is on the oily side, you need a mattifying primer but if you have dry skin, your primer should be less mattifying or you can just use a matte foundation. 
There are also color correcting primers. They keep oil away and at the same time correct skin discoloration. 

2. Brow pencil or Brow Gel
Davis eyebrow pencil
Zaron cosmetics eyebrow definer

To fill in your brows you need a brow pencil or a brow gel. 

3. Foundation
Foundation is not everybody's favourite thing but your makeup kit should contain at least one especially if you love wearing eyeshadow in your eyes. You would need a foundation to complete the look. Purchase only a foundation that's suitable for your skin type. There are cream foundations, liquid foundations and powder foundations.

     Maybelline dream matter mousse             (cream foundation)
Source: Maybelline
Cream foundations are good for people that want to cover spots or discoloration on their skin. 
If you have oil skin, you need a matte cream foundation but if you choose to go for a liminous one, make sure you prime properly before applying. 
If you're skin is dry, your Best Buy would be a luminous or satin finish foundation. 

   Powder Foundation 
Source: NYXcosmetics

A Powder foundation is another option, they're easy to use. You just need the right shade and apply it by blending properly. 

Source: makeupforever
Liquid Foundations are light weight and mostly used by people that have no discoloration on their skin. This is because it doesn't cover scars. 

3. Concealers 

You need a concealer to clean up your brow area and to highlight.
LA girl pro  concaler
 To highlight your face and your lower brow area you need a concealer that is 2 shades lighter that your skin.

3. Powder
MAC Cosmetics studio fix face powder

You also need a powder to set your foundation. Find the right shade that matches your skin.

4. Color Correctors
Color correctors are ideal for people with discolorations, under eye circles and skin issues generally. Read my color correction guide Here

5. Setting powder 

Sacha Buttercup setting powder 
Source: mykindabeauty

After you highlight with a concealer, you will need to set it with a setting powder.

6.  Mascara

A Mascara will make you natural eyelash stand out. 
7. Eyeliner
ELF liquid eyeliner
You need eyeliner to line your lash line and a pencil eyeliner to line your lower lash line. 
If you're struggling will applying eyeliner, the read my eyeliner guide Here

5. Makeup Brushes

   BH cosmetics 14 piece brush set
When it comes to makeup, your brushes are your tools. Invest in a good brush set.  You would need foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, eyebrow wand, lip brush, concealer brush, eyebrow brush,eyeshadow brush,blending brush, e.t.c 
Read my brush guide Here

6. Blush 
lA Femme blush pallete

As a beginner, you should get a blush pallete, it's preferable to single blushes. Remember that not all shades of blush will work on you. Buy according to your skin color.
For dark skin women, orange, purple, burgundy and other dark colored blushes are your friends and for women on the lighter skin side, pink, purple, orange and other light colors will work for you.

7. Lip pencils & Lipsticks
Anastasia Bervely Hills liquid lipsticks 
Source: Makeupforblackwomen

Lipsticks are your girlfriend but so are lip 
pencils. Lip pencils help you outline your lip properly before you apply lipstick. I sometimes wear lip pencils as a lipstick.
Not all colors of lipsticks will look good on you. You need to find out the shades that will compliment your skin. 

8. Contour and Highlight Kit

Anastasia Bervely Hills contour kit
Source: Instyle

Contouring and highlighting is make up trend that has come to stay. The sleep Contour kit is always a good buy. 
I hope you guys found this helpful. Thanks for stopping by

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