Details About My Curly Hair


I posted my new look across my Social media accounts and the comments I got was overwhelming and so i thought I should share details about the hair as seen in the photo I posted. 
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So the hair is a wig. It's the recent addition to my wig collection (proud wiggie here!) 
I love making wigs although for some strange reason I haven't made one in so long. 
I mentioned earlier in my previous post (HERE) that i love styling my hair in protective styles but I got bored of the braid life and wanted a new look so I told myself, girl! Just make a wig. 

   ( See how rough the middle part looks.)

I didn't want to leave any hair out because natural hair on straight weave don't blend since the textures are different (naturalistas can relate) hence the style of the wig I made. 
 I made the wig using Ivy Powells flip over sew in method (You can check out her channel)

How the wig went down..
I sewed the tracks back and forth until I got to a point where I marked and then I started sewing in a different direction.

I marked the wig cap before I stated sewing so when I sewed to that point I started sewing it in a straight horizontal line. 

The Ivy powells flip over sew-in method is mostly done on long hair but I wanted to try something new so I made mine with a short curly hair and it came out well. 
Weave Details 
I used 2packs of chocolate hair in body wave length 16 and I curled it with my jerry curl rollers before sewing it on the wig cap hence the curl pattern. 

Any body wave weavon would work for this hair style. 

     The rollers I used.

Thank you for stopping by. 
I hope I've answered all your questions.
If you have more questions leave them in the comment section and I'll answer them. 

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