Things I've Learnt From Starting My Own Business


I've been incredibly blessed to work for myself. I'm a professional makeup artist and a bridal hair stylist. I've been a makeup artist since 2013 while I was at the university but I branded my business in December 2015 (@DivasByPere) as it became clear to me that it's important I turn my passion into a business. 
Making money from what you're passionate about is legit. 

Venturing into the beauty industry, I knew there will highs and lows but that's no news in the world of businesses and life itself. 

My business is will be 1year old in a few months and I'm glad I took this leap of faith and I'm also grateful to God for bringing me thus far.

Here are some things I've learned so far from being my own boss. 

1 Be smart with your money
You probably didn't see this coming as the number one on my list but yes it's the number one thing I've learned.  Starting a new business requires capital. 
You have to spend wisely, impulse buying is a no no. 
Have a scale of preference and it will help you with how you spend. 

2 Create a work schedule 
Create a work schedule for each day and stick to it, it will help you to be productive. 

3 Passion is your fuel
There are times when it will get tough with money, clients and so many other things but it's your passion that will keep you going.

4 Difficult clients are your friends
As a new person in your area of business, clients can be dramatic but don't let that weigh you down. Stick to your business principles. Those difficult clients always turn out to be your friends so choose your battle. 
Don't try to retaliate. Just use the 'on your knees formula( Prayer)'
5 Create room for improvement 
Never have arrival mentality, Create room to improve on your skill or what ever thing your into. Be open to suggestions and do what it takes to be better.

6 Continue to dream big
When you start your business, set goals, make plans to achieve them and dream bigger.

7 Integrity
Focus on building your business and brand name with integrity. It guarantees how far you will go. 

8 You're responsible for your business
Responsibility is the price you pay for greatness. The success of your business is totally up to you. 

9 Relate with the Holy Spirit
If you've been reading my blog, you know I'm a believer. I've come to understand that the Holy Spirit in us as believers is what differentiates us from others. He is the advantage children of God have over those in the flesh and a lot of believers who are business owners forget this. 

 1 Corinthians 2:10 
There is no business secret that the Holy Spirit doesn't know. The information business schools provide is available for everyone and may not even work for your business but when the Holy Spirit gives you an idea for your business, nothing can stop you if you obey his voice.

10 Be consistent
Consistency is key in business. You must keep up with what you're doing. Businesses grow with time and it's only when you're consistent that clients will know and trust your brand. 

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