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Whether you're a fashionista, blogger, or just a lady that pays attention to her looks, shopping affordable fashion items has become a task. The price of everything now is almost double. The hike in dollar has made shopping almost a task so I'll share some budget friendly ways to shop.

1. Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is one of the most affordable ways to add pieces to your closet. In Nigeria, thrift shopping is known as 'bend down select.'
There's no clothing item that can't be found in thrift markets. Shoes, bags, tops, Jean wears and belts can be thrifted. 

Before I go further I want to correct a wrong impression a lot of people have concerning thrifting.
Thrifting (bend down select) doesn't mean you're poor or you don't have class. Being classy and stylish isn't about how expensive your shoes or bags are. Thrifting is fun and a lot cheaper than buying clothing from a boutique. 

2 Sale/Discount

I always look out for sales. When ever there's going to be a sale at a clothing store I'm always up for it. The most magical things about sales is when you buy a dress worth N10,00 for N5,000 or less. 

3 Yard Sale

 Source: nfbyardsale
This kind of shopping isn't popular in Nigeria. A yard sale is basically a shopping party where you can buy clothing items you love from your friends, neighbours at a cheaper rate. 
One of the very first yard sale in Nigeria is the NFBYard sale(Nigerian Fashion Bloggers yard sale). Bloggers bring in items from their wardrobe to sell and other bloggers, readers and anyone interested can buy them at affordable prices. 
NFB just concluded one their yard sales last month. I couldn't attend because of the distance but it was awesome.

You can follow them on IG:@nfbyardsale to find out more.

4. Buy Nigerian
A dress from H&M at $25 when converted with the present dollar rate will buy 2 beautiful Nigerian made dresses. 
There are so many affordable Nigerian clothings brands today and the quality is just as good as what we buy from other countries. 
If you have ever attended or Watched the Lagos Fashion and Design Week, then you'll know that Nigerian designers are doing a great job. 
Buy Nigerian made clothes to grow the Naira and get more value for your money.

I hope you found this post helpful. 
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