3 Things Your'e not Doing to Make Your Makeup Better. Part 2.


This is part two as mentioned last week on the blog post. 
Last week was all about proper prep and priming. This week we'll talk about the other things you might not be doing right for better makeup

2. Blending properly

• Blend your eyeshadows. Invest in a good blending brush

• Blend your foundation. Use a beauty blender or your fingers. Your fingers blend your foundation very well into your skin. 

• Blend your lipstick too. Your lipstick should be blended properly. Don't just slide that  lipstick and smack and walk out of your house o! .LOl. Blend it properly with your lipstick brush. See my post on guide to Makeup brushes HERE

• Blend your contour.
Most times we just apply the different shades of foundation or concealer and shimmer to contour and highlight without blending properly. 
Blending is an art o!

 Take your time to blend, don't be in a hurry to finish your makeup else you'll  come out of your house looking  like Lagbaja's mask. 
Keep people wondering where that pointed nose and check bones came from by blending. 

3. Start Buying original products

 You were not expecting this last tip right? I figured even if you know all the tips  and tricks and you still use fake products, it won't make any difference. So I thought I should throw in this last point to advice.  

A lot of makeup enthusiast buy fake products. You don't expect a fake product to give you a MAC or Estée Lauder perfect finish. Do you? Hell no! Stop buying makeup products from road side sellers. 

It is advisable to go a renowned makeup studio or beauty supply store. If you use original makeup products, you won't struggle to achieve good results. 

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