3 Things You're not Doing to Make Your Makeup Better. PART 1


Makeup isn't rocket science neither is it Math ( I hate finding X ) although it involves mental activity like choosing the right colors and knowing what comes next.
In this post you'll know what you've not been doing right to get better results.

As a makeup artist that wants my client's beautiful makeup to stay matte and radiant at thesame time for their special ocassion, this is what I would do:

1. Prep & prime
Just like laying a solid foundation for a building, you need to lay a foundation for your makeup. Proper prep before applying your full makeup is a game changer. Everything will look better even if you don't change your technique.
 Moisturize and prime.

Use a face moisturizer.
Moisturize your face with a face moisturizer. Don't apply makeup on dry skin. 
You can use any Moisturizer of your choice.


Prime the face to keep the oils away for that matte finish. 
For the face, I would spray on a lasting setting spray before applying a face primer.
The MAC fix+ or the budget friendly one LA girl pro setting spray works so well at keeping oil away.

The milk of magnesia (MOM) does a great job at keeping oil away.  Although it's not very good for the skin, it's the pocket friendly option.  

For my clients I use the Becca pore-less ever priming perfector. It's pricey but it's ideal for priming the face.

Priming the eyelids is also important. Your eyeshadows will last longer. I recommend a white eyeshadow base (The NYX Jumbo pencil in Milk or LA girl white base)
The white base will make your eyeshadow stand out bright. 

Part 2 will be posted next week. Look out for that.

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