Style: Yellow skirt X Grey Top


Happy day everyone!
The month of May is running so fast but I'm glad it's been very productive for me. I mean what more can I ask for, after my break from hiatus I now post one a week on the blog. Lol. 

I'm so happy I'll be posting my outfits weekly( Wednesday's) and I'm very close to being a DSLR owner. Yay! to clearer pictures guys. 

I'm not exactly one who likes to wear colorful hair but last week at the saloon my hair stylist encouraged me to try this color and I just love being a red head.
Now to the Outfit photos 


My Hair:
Premium2 hair in black and 99j

My outfit:
Top: MRP
Skirt: Self made
Shoe: Next Clothing
Bag: Unknown 
Bangle: Unknown but I customized it.

Thanks for reading.
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