How to Pull Off Nude Lips


Hello PVD readers,
Welcome back to the blog. Today's post is a detailed pictorial on how to pull off a nude lip easily. Nude lips are very pretty and goes well with every skin tone but if not done properly, it will leave you looking like a clown. Once you master my tips you can pull it off as seen in my photos.

What you'll need:
A brown lip pencil
A lip brush
A nude lipstick
A clear lip gloss

Step by step how to:
Step 1: Start off with a smooth and nicely exfoliated lip. 
Dab a face powder on your lip and apply the nude lipstick on the center of your lips.
See below:

Step 2: use the clear lip gloss with a lip brush to spread the lipstick all over the lips.

Step 3: starting from the cupids bow, line the lips with the brown lip pencil 
Also line the lower lip

Step 4: The last step is to blend the lips. Blend the lipstick into the lip pencil. Make sure there are no harsh lines and there you go, a perfectly nude lip.

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