How to Conceal Eyebags and Under Eye circles


     Love your flaws, then conceal them.
       ...... Napoleon Perdis

Hello world,
I know I've been MIA, I have been diagnosed of laziness. I can't just get myself to write and edit posts. How are you all doing? I hope this post meets you well. 
I want to share a quick tip to fix those eye bags and under eye circles. If you have eye bags or dark circles under your eyes, you're not alone. 

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Eye bags sometimes is caused by lack of sleep, change in hormonal levels and for some people, it's hereditary. Just imagine if you want your makeup game to be strong for school, meeting, party or that special date and you wake up to an eye bag. I know, so annoying. I've got some a quick fix you so you can slay your makeup. 
First is to get ice: I can imagine the surprise on your face like 'ice?' Yes, ice. That's the same reason doctors will advice you use ice to reduce a swelling or a black eye. If you can't get your hands on an ice pack, you can definitely get your spoon into your freezer.

 Put a spoon in your freezer and let if sit for 20 mins. When the spoon is very cold, place the back of the spoon on your Gucci bags until it's no longer cold. This will help reduce the puffiness.


The next trick is to apply concealer on your bags. Just like makeup guru Napoleon Perdis would say  ,'love your flaws and then conceal 
them.' If your bag is reddish, you should apply a colour correcting concealer and dab a light layer of foundation over it.

 Set it with a powder because you don't want it to crease up on you. There you have it! A quick fix. Read my colour correcting concealer guide.

Share with us how you conceal your eyebags and dark circles. I would love to hear from you. 


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