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This is that season to be jolly. It is also the time for windy,humid dry weather a.k.a harmattan. This season could be dreadful for some persons especially for oily and dry skinned persons. Characterised by flakky skin,cracks,mouth sores and eczema. . At mid November some persons are already stacking up petroleum jelly/vaseline jars but this is so wrong.  This is a no no as vaseline is comedogenic meaning it clogs pores and reduces cell rejuvenation. There are healthier ways to beat the harmatan craziness and look your best all year round. 

The humid air causes dehydration,its actually the time of the year water companies have increased sales according to research. In simple lay man terms,dehydration slows down cell turnover and this in turn causes buildup of dead cells resulting in a dim,dull complexion. So there you have it- if your skin turns ashy and dull you need more water not necessarily a change of body cream.
Wonder how your fave celebrities maintain beautiful glossy skin all year round, it is omega-3 supplements. It's just like taking polish to a dusty shoe,the transformation is phenomenal. It can be gotten naturally from fish oil (tuna and salmon), walnuts and even canola oil. All these goodness can be gotten from omega-3 capsules as well. 

You know how your style changes for different seasons,so should your beauty regimen. It should accommodate the skin and weather changes. It is time to get a glycerin based Toner and oil free moisturisers. Exfoliate also to remove dead skin to facilitate cell turn over. 
Also it's time to keep aside dry,matte foundations and embrace luminous/translucent products. Also you might want to keep a makeup mist spray in your bag when you hit the road.
Skin insulators locally called serums form a thin coat of resistance on the skin but do so without clogging the pores thus shielding the skin from harsh conditions. You can make your own serum from almond oil or Avocado oil. A milk bath is totally rewarding but be sure to moisturise afterwards. 

Chaffed lips is also another indicator of the harmattan season and again it is wrong to use lipgloss or balms that do nothing but just sit on the lips. What you need is a scrub that would take off dead cells,increase blood circulation which in turn would lead to cell turn over. Your tooth brush may come in handy here. And also a lip butter would sink into the lips and moisturise from the inside. 

These are substances that attract moisture to the skin. You do not have to bother about carrying a jar of lotion to touch up your legs after walking. This works especially for cracked feet. That is because the humetant draws moisture from the atmosphere to your skin. 100% Glycerin is a handy humetant. The trick is to mix it into your lotion. 

    These are the basic and most effective methods to weather the harmattan season and maintain a healthy transition as the weather changes again after the new year. Be Fab all year long. 

Sira-Teeh Ngbor is the Principal Consultant of SERAPH-Beauty/Wellness. An expert Esthetician and Beauty Personnel.

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