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Choosing the perfect print to take your outfit from drab to fab is every shopper’s goal. Adding a splash of color or a funky print can really make a difference, but choosing the right print can be the hard part. Even Modernize knows how easily prints can easily turn an outfit into a tacky mess, so choose wisely what you incorporate into your wardrobe. 

This print is popping up all over the runways this season. Geo-pop is a unique mix of geometric shapes and pop-art favorites. Pop art is a movement that began in the 50s. Artists involved in the movement took popular imagery and turned them into fine art pieces. The face of pop-art, Andy Warhol, used this concept by taking pop celebrities and creating visual collages. Geo-pop used this same effect but adds the trendy element of geometry to the mix, making a totally modern print.
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Bold and eye catching, the print stories flowing the runways for this season feature exotic patterns. Blown-out tropical floral alongside jungle leaf prints, this season’s exotic prints are sure to be a show stopper. Clean white bases allow the bright, organic forms to be the focus of attention without being too over-the-top. 

Tribal prints have been on trend for a while now, but the freshest of this season sport a modern twist. This focus on stripes in tribal prints is in vogue, with jagged stripes and bright lines becoming a focus. Featuring the full spectrum of safari colors often associated with the tribal aesthetic, these stripes truly stand out from the crowd. Many of these unique tribal patterns feature animal prints or subtle ancient symbols to tie them together.
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Moroccan rugs have been taking the interior markets by storm, and the print has now trickled into the apparel world. For Fall2015, Tory Burch revealed a collection inspired by velvety moroccan prints, and she wasn’t alone. These deep and luxurious patterns are sure to give any outfit an extra lift. Pair with dark or neutral leggings and a dark lip to complete the look.

It’s always good to have a sense of humor, and this season kitschy and silly print have dominated in the fashion world. With pop stars like Miley Cyrus wearing the trend, cartoon pizza print and cat pattern have become all the rage. Designers are ready to take a walk on the wild side, and hilarious fantasy prints are a must for any fashion lover.

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