8 Tips On How to Look Expensive


Every woman wants to look elegant and classy which gives the impression of expensive. Looking expensive doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Yes! It doesn't. It lies in your styling game.
When I was a student pursuing my BA degree I had to live on a budget. The system of education in my country doesn't support working as a student and that meant I had just one or two sources of income. I didn't spend much on clothes, instead I had to style the ones I already own and that's how I knew styling can make a remarkable difference with your already owned clothes. Here are some tips on how to look expensive.

Well Ironed Clothes
Ironing is overlooked. I was guilty of this myself. I was always too tired to iron when there's power and when there's no power, I don't go to the dry cleaners. When I was in school, I observed that  boys who always wear well ironed shirts look attractive and are seen as neat people as opposed to those who don't. They also look expensive even though some of the shirts don't cost much. Ironing gives your clothes good appearance when you wear them. 
     well ironed pants on stylebyada

Fix Your Clothes
I mean getting rid of stains on clothes, fixing your buttons. There are several techniques for removing stains on fabrics and I'll be sharing some in a subsequent post. If your shirt button breaks or gets lost, change it. You can buy buttons from a fabric store and fix them. *ps: I discovered that gold buttons look good on white chiffon shirts so you can work on that white shirt you already own and make it look new.

Also make sure that your clothes are your perfect size because you will look good when they are your size. 
Get them well tailored.

       Stella of Jardorefashion

Pointed-toe Shoes
Pointed-toe shoes are so feminine. They are game changers. You can find them in different colors and designs, in both flats and heels. Get a pair to add class to your looks. 

Structured Bags
Structured bags always have a classy look. I love the neutral colors such as tan and whites since I can use them to pair any outfit and tan never goes out of style.

     As seen on stylebyada

Red Lips
Red lips make you look confident and bold. The good thing about them is that there are different shades and you just need to find the shade that will suit your skin color.

   As seen on shirleybeniang

Invest in Statement pieces, trending items and save on basics.
It's not wise to spend so much on shoes and basics like jeans and tops rather spend on trend items that will grab attention. No one will know the value of a jean or top you're wearing but if you're bag is Celine, channel or Micheal Kors, it grabs attention because the value of such items cannot hide. You can buy your basics from New look, Zara, forever21 and primark that won't cost so much.

       Celine bag as seen on Ohemaghana

Black and White
Monochrome is so elegant and it's always in style. Black and white complement each other.
  As seen on Laura Ikeji

   As seen on Ironyofashi

Lastly, Work on Your Skin
Find a good skin care regimen with products that will work for your skin type. Trust me, a fresh and healthy skin speaks volume on your behalf.

Do you have any tip? Please share your thoughts, I'd love to her from you.

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