Lagos Fashion and Design week Update


Hello blogsville,
Long time no post! I've been away for some weeks but there's a reason for my absence. I was preparing for my final exams. I wrote the last one on Friday and you can imagine the excitement. God's grace has kept me through the 4years journey of my B. A. 
I don't want to talk too much about me in this post. 
 I've been loving some of the trends and designs I saw during the just concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week. The designers were amazing (so creative) and so were the models. I wasn't there in person but I could feel the fun and I was really inspired by some of the outfits I saw on the runway. So here are some of the designs I really love.

These lovely dresses were designed by Weizdhurmfranklyn. 

 I don't know the designer but this suit speaks perfection to me. 

Lovely pieces by nuraniyastudios

Skirt by Imperfect_verbalista
Don't you just love the details?

Lovely dress and facinator by Tojufoye

This dress is amazing. See the details so perfectly tailored.

Mai Atafo slaying in one of his suits. See that collar? Love it

Mcmeka's colored suit

Beautiful models.

What styles do you love from the Lagos Fashion and Design week? I'd love to know. Did you enjoy seeing the designers dance as well?

Leave your thoughts. I'd love to hear from you

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