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Welcome back to the blog.
This post is about my makeup routine and this is because I get questions about how I do my makeup.
don't go out every single day wearing foundation,eyeshadow or lipstick but when I do, this is usually how I roll.

PS: I didn't apply my face primer because I wasn't going anywhere hence the oil on my face. I was at home all day and so I decided to take write this post and take the pictures to support it. 

                  TO START OFF

• Start by brushing your brows with a brow comb or a brow wand.(read my makeup brush guide Here)
Fill in the brow with a brow filler and then clean the area around the brow with a concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin.( you can also use a foundation if that's what you have).

• Apply a face primer.
This will keep your face matte and allow your makeup to prosper (last longer).

• Moisturize your lip with a lip balm.
It keeps the lip soft for easy and smooth lipstick application.

   • Apply an eyeshadow primer or base.
It will serve as a base for your shadows to lie on.

-Start by applying and blending a transition color in your crease. I used a pink shadow from my Sleek idivine pallete.
- I used a matte brown shadow on top of the pink to blend it properly.

- I defined my crease a little  with a black shadow and then I applied a light purple shade and went over the light purple with a darker purple.
- I lined my lash line next with a pen liner from LA girl.
- lastly for the eyes I applied my falsies(eyelash)

- Apply your foundation and blend it properly. To get a smooth finish for your foundation blend it outwards because the hair on your face lies in that direction
(learnt that tip from my friend Marian and it has made a difference in my foundation application. Thanks Marian)

- Highlighting and contouring. I love light and natural contour so I highlight with the LA girl pro Concealer in two shades lighter and I set it with Jordana face powder in a shade lighter. 

 To contour, I cacoa it. I use Maybelline smooth shade powder in cacoa. I love this powder so much. I apply it along my check bone and I blush on that same place. It's gives a natural contour. 
I'll be recording a video on this that will go live on my YouTube channel pretty soon. I'll let you guys know when it's up.



- I really don't line my lips because I always forget to purchase lip liners.
For this look, I opted for a hot pink lip because pink and purple go well together. 

I got this shade of pink by applying two lipsticks. I used the pink lipstick first and I went over it with the red one. 

That's it for my makeup routine. When I change the process I'll post an updated makeup routine.

I'll be sharing how I achieved my 'no makeup' makeup look in another post. Look out for that

                  Products used:
-Revlon foundation ......(got from Balogun market.... not sure of price)
-MAybelline smooth shade powder in Mocha and Cacoa .......... N2000 each
-Jordana USA Powder.....N1000
-LA girl pro Concealer....N1500
-FM face primer.....
-NYX jumbo pencil.........N1800 from Gifty's daughter studio
- Black Opal Matte brown eyeshadow  
-Eyelash glue.......500
-Maybelline volume express Mascara..... N1000
Vaseline Lip therapy in cherry..... N700 

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