Your guide to Color Correction Concealers


                   Love your flaws them conceal them
                   .... Napoleon Perdis

Hello beauty lovers,

Color correction Concealers have always been in the makeup industry but since the LA girl makeup range is popular the launch of their  color correction Concealers has got beauty lovers asking how to use it. 
 Now, the answer lies in its name 'color correction.'
Basically these Concealers were made to correct discolorations on the skin. They Conceal eyebags, redness, bruises.

The secret to understanding this color correction lies in knowing your color wheel. 
It's funny that what you were thought way back in primary and secondary school has a role to play in makeup. LOL 

How to color correct.

The color wheel above has it all. You color correct by using a color directly opposite the color you want to correct on your skin. What I mean is that opposite colors in the color wheel conceal each other.
For instance,a green Concealer conceals red. This kind of discoloration is common in this part of the world.
In thesame way, orangey Concealers conceals blue.

So that's how it works. Work with your color wheel.
Hope it helps.

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