My Acne Skin Care Regimen


Hi guys,
Today I'm sharing my skin care regimen for acne. 
Acne is a skin infection that affects the sebaceous glands ( glands that produces oily secretion). The development of the sebaceous gland takes place during puberty hence the reason why adolescents suffer from acne the most. 

Fighting acne is usually a daily struggle and millions of people make money from producing lotions and creams that claim to cure it. 
The annoying part of it is that it sometimes leaves blemishes and scars on the skin which we often hide under with makeup.

The surest way to cure acne is to improve your diet. This might be annoying because we just want to get rid of it quickly but it's the truth. Avoid sugar and fat because they increase the occurrence of acne.
The cure for Acne starts from inside. What you take in is what you see (garbage in-garbage out).
Eat fruits and vegetables like cucumbers, carrots,spinach and cabbage (you can make a salad).
The next time you think of buying a bottle of coke,think of your health and drink water instead. Water helps your body to get rid of toxins and morbid matter through your bladder.
If you continue with a healthy diet, you would notice a significant change in a month. That's the best way of curing acne without spending so much.

I recently discovered a new way to deal with it. 'Steaming my face' you've probably heard this before but there's something different I'm sharing here. 
•Take boiling water in a basin and put your face over it.
•After 15mins, wipe your face and wash it with cold water.
•Dip a swab of cotton wool in fresh lime juice and gently clean your face with that.
•Wash it off after sometime. This will remove dirt that might have gone into  your pores and also leave your skin feel fresh.
Exercise cannot be over emphasized. It's is also important 

My Regimen.
When I get home I wash off my makeup with the Neutrogena facial bar(Acne-prone skin formula).

 I don't use a makeup remover which isn't cool but this soap suffices. It removes my makeup and leaves my skin clear.
This soap is very good for oily skin although other skin types can use it. It fights against acne from the surface while I clear my skin from the inside with a heathy diet. It's active ingredient includes salicycic acid,Tiethanolamine, TEA Stearate, Sodium Tallowate, and Glycerin.

I was told Dudu-Osun African black soap helps too. Anyone used it?

After washing my face, I just moisturize with my coconut oil( see how I made it).

I hope this helps someone.
Do you have a skin care regimen for acne? Please share with us.

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