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We all know Eyebrows are the stars in the makeup game. That being said it is important to groom the correctly. There are different techniques to groom eyebrows. 


All the techniques listed above are good for eyebrow grooming but I personally prefer tweezing because it's very easy and since it plucks the hair from its roots it takes a while for the hair to grow back.
Depending on your hair growth speed, it takes upto 1 or 2 weeks for hair to grow out. 

How I Tweeze.

What I use:

An Astringent 
Cotton wipes
A Tweezer 

NYX Jumbo pencil
•Step 1:
I Start by cleaning the brow area with an astringent.

•Step 2:
Use a Concealer or foundation to line the brow to get the shape you want.
I use my NYX Jumbo pencil to do it. See below

•Step 3:
Using a tweezer I pluck off unwanted hair around the area I have lined.

•Step 4:
After tweezing I use an astringent to clean the area.
That's how I tweeze. Threading is also a very good technique. I removes a lot of unwanted hair at once instead of plucking one after the other with a tweezer. Once you've gained mastery of it you won't want to use other techniques 
Here's a link to a video that you can learn from.
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