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Recently I started a guest feature series and I've been posting only about personal style but I've decided to look at beauty, so meet Mrs Sirah-Tee Ngbor. She's the principal consultant at Seraph-Beauty/Wellness studio. She's a guest writer on the blog and She'll write as often as she is chanced to, we all have a busy schedule.


So let's talk skin care.

There is no denying that every woman wants good skin. The skin being the largest and toughest organ of the body requires exquisite care to shine at its best. In order to effectively take care of the skin,the basics of knowing about the skin comes in very important. How can you take care of what you know nothing about? Ever wondered why two friends would buy a certain product and it would be excellent for one and not so excellent for the other. As our faces are different,so is our skin.
    We will check out the different skin types and it's care regimen. 


Oily skin is caused by over secretion of the sebaceous gland resulting in excess oil on the skin. 

Oily skin usually is acne prone due to the oil and dirt accumulation sitting on the pores. A basic regimen to always keep the pores clean and open is what is required.  All you need is
-Alcohol Free Face Cleanser with sacyllic acid
-Exfoliating Scrub / Mask
- Moisturising Sealant.


Dry skin is caused by low secretion of the sebaceous gland resulting in dry,scaly skin. To battle dry skin,a lot of manual moisturising and exfoliation is required. (I don't advocate hormonal pills or supplements to increase oil production as it can tamper with other hormones of the female body). 

 All you need to do is to adhere to a regimen that would take off the dry skin and continually generate new skin growth to replace dry ones. All you need is;
-Exfoliating Scrub to take off dead skin
-Skin / Cell Regeneration cream or lotion.



Combination skin is a combination of dry and oily skin resulting in skin patches with some parts dry,some parts oily. Usually the face is dry with the T-zone oily. The T-zone is the area above the brow down to the bridge of the nose.


Combination skin has to be brought to a state of equilibrium to eliminate the skin patches. All you need is;
-Oil Free Body Moisturiser


This skin type is characterised by easy and immediate absorption of products due to the thin layering of the skin. This causes immediate reactions to occur on the skin unlike thick skin that absorbs products at a slow pace. 

Stick to hypoallergenic products,from skin care to makeup,always get products that are non reactive. Hypoallergenic and with no perfumed preservatives. 
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*Next we will be talking about makeup products that are suitable to these different skin types. 
Be on the look for that post.

                              -Mrs Sira-Teeh Ngbor

Mrs Sira-Teeh is the principal consultant at Seraph beauty and wellness studio in Port Harcourt.
They specialize in Makeup,Skincare, Finesse,Wellness.
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