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Today's post is on  Makeup brushes and their uses.

Just like a Chef that uses tools for food preparation, beautiful makeup is achieved  using tools(quality brushes). Using quality brushes can turn your makeup from mediocre to professional.
If you are new to makeup, you certainly need a guide on how to use brushes. 

I remember when my flair for makeup started. I purchased my brushes( Thanks to my Mum) and I also won a set from Chicgele on Instagram

I had to know the use of each brush in my collection so I took some time to learn. I spent hours trying to achieve some looks I saw on Instagram( I was determined to step up my makeup game)LOL

If you want to step up your game like I did, you have to learn the basics. 

Enough beating about,to the main gist now.

Foundation Brush.

 Source: ELF Makeup

Foundation brush is ideally for applying and blending liquid or cream foundation.

Powder Brush.

    source: ELF makeup

Used for loose or compact powder application.

Blush Brush.

    Source:ELF Makeup

It's smaller than a powder brush and is used for blush application.

Blending Brush.

 Source: Nordstrom
 Used for blending eyeshadow applied on the eyelid.

Concealer Brush.

    Source: ELF Makeup
Used for application of concealer in areas you want to have more coverage.

Eyeshadow Brush.

   Source:ELF Makeup
It's flat and that makes it ideal for applying pressed eyeshadow,pigments and glitters on the eyelid.

Angled Brush.
Source: ELF Makeup

Used to apply gel liners either for lining your eyes or to cut crease,applying shadow in your tear duct and very good for eyebrow.

Contour Brush.

Source: ELF Makeup

Ideal for applying a contouring shade to the hollows of your cheeks.

Fan Brush.


Used for contouring and sweeping off excess product on the face.

Lip Brush.

Source: ELF Makeup

Used for applying and blending products on the lips. 
I said "products'' because it's not just lipstick that is applied on the lip. 
Based on the kind of makeup, you can use the lip brush to apply liner,eyeshadow or foundation on the lip.
This is usually done to achieve a customized lip color( I mean blending colors to achieve your desired lip color).


Where you hold a brush on the handle affects your control. The closer your fingers are to the barrel( the silver section beneath the brush) the more pressure you put on the brush head.

You can turn a powder brush into an angle brush by pressing the bristles and flattening them.

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