How To Achieve a High Bun With Your Natural Hair + DIY


Hello PVD readers,
Welcome back to the blog.
Hope everyone is doing great? I love my natural hair and when it comes to styling it i always opt for a bun. If you know me or follow me on Instagram you sure know this by now.
I always like my bun high. I really can't stand a flat bun mainly because i feel very glamorous when it's high.

I discovered that putting your hair in a bun is a very simple way to fix those bad hair days hence this pictorial to share with all the beauty lovers.
So let's get started.


Wide tooth Comb

Hair rubber band *get it here for less
*please not the rubber band you use to hold money in bundles

Hair spray (optional)  but you can get similar here

ORS Hair pudding (optional) get it here

 Edge control *get it here

Hair Donut foam *get it here for less

    Here's a little DIY( Do it yourself) for the donut foam.                                  
 Get a black sock* mine is navy blue

 Use a scissors to cut of the tip of the sock so  both ends are open. Then roll the sock. see below

Roll it till it's round. see below
Please excuse my face.LOL
This will suffice for the donut foam if you can't purchase it. That's for the DIY.
Now to the main post.
Start by combing your hair from back to the front. Take it as high as you want.

Now use the hair rubber band to hold the hair in place. Make it firm

Apply a little amount of the hair pudding. This will keep the hair in place.


Put the hair tail inside the donut foam loop.( I don't know the right terminology plz)

From the center point in the loop spread the hair with a comb.

Wrap your hair around the donut foam. See below

See! very simple. One last step is to spray the hair with a hair spray. this will also helpto  keep the hair in place. Nobody likes their hair flying around right?

That's it!
That's how I achieve a high bun with my natural hair.
If your hair is short don't worry. Another pictorial is coming shortly to show you how to achieve this with hair extentions.
Hope this helps.

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