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Hello beauties,

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From the tittle of this post you already know what this post is about.

Want your makeup on fleek? If yes, then you should begin with the beauty basics. Good looking brows are essential for that makeup look you want to achieve.
 Some of you already know this but there's still a lot of people who don't know. So  if  you don't know how to get your brows looking good, don't worry, everyone was once a newbie. I've got a pictorial here to help you as a guide.


So let's get started.

What you'll need:

Brow brush( you can use your old mascara wand)

Brow pencil or Eyebrow filler

Eyebrow liner brush

Concealer that is 2 shades lighter than your skin ( you can use your foundation if you don't have a concealer)

Step 1:

Start by brushing your brow with a brow comb or old mascara wand.

Step 2:

Firstly, get the natural shape of the brow by making light strokes at the bottom and at the top of the brow. Begin from the front of the brow to the tail. 
*Make sure that the tip of your pencil is pointed.

Step 3:   
Now it's time to Fill In your brow. You can fill in with an eyebrow pencil or a brow filler. There are so many product range you can use. The choice is yours. 
For this pictorial I used a brow filler. You can get it here.
*If using a brow pencil take light stokes to fill in your brow. Don't press the pencil against your skin.
Finish this stage by brushing the brow with your brow brush

Step 4:

Now you're done with filling. It's time to make the brow area neat and this is where a concealer comes in handy. For this pictorial I used LA Girl Pro concealer. Get it here
You can use any concealer of your choice or your foundation if can't get this one 

After applying the concealer to your brow, the next thing thing is to blend the concealer out. As seen in the photo below

Finally, make sure to blend out the concealer with a foundation brush and apply your foundation over it. The reason for this is because your concealer is lighter than your skin and so doesn't look good to leave it like that.

If you want your face to be foundation free, use a very little amount of the concealer, blend it very well and you're done. 

I Hope this helps.
If you have questions use the comment box below and I'll answer them as soon a s possible.

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Next I'll be showing you how to tweeze your brows. 
Be on the look out for that.

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