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Hello everyone,

  It's weekend and it's just  the perfect time to chill and relax with family, friends and even with oneself. Unfortunately, for me I've not had time to relax. I have been running to my village trying to finish my project work( I'm a linguist And I'm documenting my native language so my village is my new best friend) and couple of assignments(final year is trying to finish me off).
So tell me, how's your weekend going? I'd love to know.

Now to my OOTD.


I haven't posted an OOTD in a  while and this is because the weather has not been friendly(The rains are here). I pray everyday for sunshine and my prayers were answered today. there was a bit of sunshine but then  the rain could not just allow my shoot to prosper(bloggers understand the I took some shots and they weren't exacly as I wanted them to be but I decided to share them.

Do you like my look?
I'd love to hear from you

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