Breaking the Rules!


Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the love and support you've been showing. I appreciate it.

Here's what I wore today:

I also took a selfie

Who makes the fashion rules? 

Well I break the rules.No matter how your style defines you, sometimes your style is defined by the fashion rules. 
I'm just a rule breaker. I wore my jogger pants with heels and I really loved it. 

It's a new week and so the wakajugbeness (lol)has resumed in full force.
 Today was such a good day and I'm sure you can tell from the smile on my face. Every thing On my To do list was accomplished. 
I must say my faith is working so well for  me as everything I ask God in faith comes to be. 
I will leave that faith talk for another day where I'll have a whole post on that.

Now to the matter (what I'm wearing)

Crop top: New look
Bottoms: New look
Hat: New look
Glasses: Mango 
Shoe: Steve Maden 


Do you like my look?
Have you broken any fashion rule? I'd love to see read or see it.
Please drop your comments and your links and I'll make sure to visit.
I really appreciate them


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