Review/Maybelline clear smooth all in one powder


Hello everyone,

I finally decided to come up with a review for one of the Maybelline products I won. Some of you suggested that i do a review on the products so I'm starting with the powder.

What Maybelline says:

1) Controls shine
2) Conceals flaws
3) Smoothes
4) Mattifies
6) Perfects tone
7)SPF 25

Pere:  I love this  powder.My skin virtually bleeds oil but when I use this powder my face can stay matte for up to 3hrs.That is a lot of time if you ask me. I have used other  powders and they are not matte like this.
This powder conceals the dark spots on my face to an extent and  what I really love about this the product is that it gives a smooth finish.I actually use it without a foundation.
I can't say anything about the SPF because i know nothing about SPF (shame on me,lol) but the powder is a go for me.

Let me know what you if you  think about it if you eventually use it.Also what products you would recommend?  I'd love to try a different product.

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