HOW I;Moisturise and seal my hair at night


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  How una dey?
As for me I have been relaxing because i have less to do at the moment.Today's post is about how I moisturize and seal my hair and the products I use.In one of my previous post I talked about some of the things that will lead to hair breakage and dry hair is one of them.Since dry hair leads to breakage,adding moisture is necessary for a healthy hair.

Products I use

How I do it.

I start by parting my hair into 4 sections and then I put a small amount of my  leave in conditioner from Dark and lovely in my palms,then i add Organics root stimulator(ORS) moisturizing hair lotion and a cup full of coconut oil which i made by myself.Then i apply it to each section.Coconut oil has amazing benefits for hair and skin as some of us know.

 Then i go further to wrap my hair with a silk scarf to keep the moisture locked in.This is something i learnt from Ropo on YouTube.Like she said in her vid,wrapping my hair like this keeps me away from heat.I just wake up in the morning to a soft and straight hair.Here's a link to the video
 Sorry for lack of pictures.I lack a good camera at the moment.
please share with me how you do it and products you use.I actually  need a good product to grow my edges and nape hair so please feel free to recommend.

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