BEAUTY/Coconut oil and shea butter to replace your expensive face moisturiser


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 Hope your all well.
I love coconut oil,I  mean who doesn't? and that's why i'm going to share with you how I use it so i dn't enjoy the ah-mazing! benefits alone.

My skin reacted to a makeup that i used sometime last year,so I went to purchase another one.At the makeup studio I spoke the sales person concerning my skin reaction because I loved the way her skin was glowing and she told me about coconut oil and Shea butter.


She also explained to me how to do coconut oil at home instead of buying  from a super store since it might not be genuine.When i got home I made the coconut oil and whipped it with the Shea butter.This served as as my face moisturizer and my skin is thriving.

How I whip the shea butter and coconut oil.

I put the shea butter into a plastic container that has a lid(I used my empty edge holding gel container) and I put the container into a bowl and add hot water to melt the shea butter.
Then I added same amount of coconut oil to the shea butter that I have melted,mixed it together and that was all I did.

You can add some scented oils to reduce the smell of the shea butter(It doesn't smell so nice).
I didn't use any scented oils in mine because i couldn't get any and did not mind since i wanted a healthy skin ASAP.
Hope this helps someone that wants a healthy skin like mine*winks*



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