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Hello blogosphere,
I'm so excited to announce that I have a new section on the blog where I Post looks of my blog readers that loves styling and look good.
There will also be posts featuring other bloggers as a means of support because we have to support each other and  hopefully this  section will be a source of style inspiration.It will be a weekly post so be on the look for that.
This week's feature is Bomsy  Ogbara  who happens to be my cousin. She lives in Nigeria,she  doesn't joke with her looks(omo she no dey play!).
Her style is very simple and elegant,colorful, mature, she also loves to stand out.
According to Bomsy  'if it's not classy,it's not worth wearing'
Follow her on Instagram @damselmaureen 
 Bomsy Ogbara                                     

What do you think of her style?
If  you'd like to be featured send an email to

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